ANOVA’s Wellbeing Program:

Infusion Therapy to Enhance Your Overall Health

ANOVA’s Wellbeing Program:
Infusion Therapy to Enhance Your Overall Health

Staying hydrated is crucial for being and staying energized and to help your body to function properly internally. Dehydration can be the cause of feeling heavy, tired, stressed and moody. Hydration helps your blood to sufficiently deliver oxygen to your muscles, remove toxins, circulate hormones, and enhance your physical performance during exercise.

Your body is also in constant need of the necessary amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients in order to renew tissue, regenerate and maintain your bodily functions. When something is lacking, your overall metal and physical productivity and good mood can drop.

Infusion Therapies can help assist your body and strengthen your immune system, internal organs and overall health by providing it with what it needs.

How ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy Can Help You:

ANOVA works closely with pharmacists who specialize in finding the right ingredients for Infusion Therapies. We have worked on an ingredient list that will make you feel refreshed, vitalized and increase your wellbeing on a cellular level.

The infusion schemes can be tailored to 1-5 days comprising of different infusion pattern that include:

  • Curcumin infusions
  • Resveratrol infusions
  • vagus-fit infusions
  • Neuro-complex infusions
  • Galactose infusions
  • Vitamin B forte infusions
  • Concentrated Protokoll infusions
  • Sport & Muscle infusions
  • ILV infusions
  • Amino acid essential infusions
  • Amina acid immune infusions
  • TOCA forte infusions
  • CST Protokoll N infusions
  • Eumetabol SAG MONO 3000  infusions
  • MitoEnergy N 100 mL infusions
  • Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Pascorbin 7,5g (Vitamine C) infusions
  • Nephrotect infusions
  • Skin & Hair infusions
  • Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Glutathion 600 infusions
  • Vitamin C15 infusions
  • Folic acid infusions
  • Lysine-Proline infusions
  • Glycin 1000 infusions
  • DMSO M infusions
  • Liver optimizing infusion

Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, this Infusion Therapy Program has the power to significantly increase your overall heath status. Let your body health itself.


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