ANOVA’s Immune Boost Infusion Therapy:

Equip Your Immune System with the Power to Self-Heal

ANOVA’s Immune Boost Infusion Therapy:
Equip Your Immune System with the Power to Self-Heal

Our immune system has the purpose to keep infectious microorganisms out of our bodies, to fight those which do succeed to enter the body and to keep them from harming us. It is a very complex system of cells and organs, which together protect the body from such attacks. Such a complex network is in constant need of the right resources, in form of nutrients, vitamins and other molecules, in order to function properly.

When the immune system does not function correctly, your overall wellbeing can be at stake; because the whole body is suddenly very weakened. The effects can manifest in form of allergies and hypersensitivity, to autoimmune diseases.

Infusion Therapies can help assist your body and strengthen your immune system by providing the compounds it needs. With the right ingredients in the right concentrations, your immune system is equipped to combat bacterial, viral or parasitic infections. Together with lifestyle changes, such as being physically active, avoiding stress and getting enough sleep, this can be a powerful tool to help you prevent diseases, or recover faster when you do catch a cold.

How ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy Can Help You:

ANOVA has a collaboration with a pharmacy which specializes in Infusion Therapy. Together we have developed the right mix of ingredients to boost your immune system effectively. This specific blend contains molecules that will give you energy and help strengthen your immune system. Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, this Immune Boost Infusion Therapy could be exactly what your body needs to facilitate the mechanisms of your immune system. Help your body help yourself.

The infusion schmemes may be tailored to 1-5 days in lenght with infusions including:

  • Concentrated Protokoll infusion
  • AS immune infusion
  • MitoEnergy infusion
  • Myers Cocktail infusion

Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, the Immune-boost Infusion Therapy can be a powerful tool for your body to activate your own cellular immune and regeneration mechanisms.


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