Get Back on Track:

ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy for Athletes is here

Get Back on Track:
ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy for Athletes is here

An adequate amount of nutrition and hydration is essential for any athlete, regardless of what type of sport he or she engages in. Any pre-workout meal or drink shall consist of the nutrients and energy which are required to sufficiently fuel an athlete’s body.

When speaking about recovery, muscle recovery in particular, hydration is crucial. Otherwise, the recovery time may be significantly delayed. However, providing rehydration after a tough workout can be tricky at times.

Is an athlete injured, it may take a very long time to heal, depending on the type of injury, the body parts and tissues which are involved. Regeneration processes require a significant amount of particular bioactive compounds which are being processed on a cellular level. Therefore, depending on how much the body is refueled with these nutrients, recovery times may be altered.

Infusion Therapies can provide your body with the compounds it needs to regenerate, strengthen and increase your physical abilities. When correctly nourished, your body can do all of these things itself. Paired with the right training, it can be your tool to achieve your goals.

How ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy Can Help You:

ANOVA has collaborated with leading pharmacists in the field of Infusion Therapy to develop different protocols for athletes. Depending on your physical state, our physicians can suggest to you a personalized Infusion Therapy that will help you reach your athletic goals. If you have been injured during your workouts, a combination therapy may be much more effective. Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) has been shown to be effective for the regeneration of injuries regarding the knee or lower back, amongst other orthopedic issues. ANOVA’s innovative and unique Stem Cell Secretome is a treatment that helps fight inflammation and facilitate regeneration throughout your body. Make a consultation appointment to speak to our physicians about your best possibilities.

The infusion schmemes may be tailored to 1-5 days in lenght with infusions including:

  • Concentrated Protokoll infusion
  • Sport & Muscle infusion
  • ILV infusion
  • Amino acid essential infusion
  • TOCA forte infusion
  • Vit B-complex Forte infusion

Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, the Athlete Infusion Therapy can be a powerful tool for your body to activate your own cellular regenerative mechanisms, support healing and prevent damage.


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