Be Your Healthiest Self:
Choose what feels right from ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy Menu

Be Your Healthiest Self:
Choose what feels right from ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy Menu

To stay healthy and fit is a commitment to yourself that is worth promising. Infusion therapy can help provide just the right amounts of nutrients, vitamins, hydration or other active compounds that your body may be missing. At ANOVA, we offer a wide range of different Infusion Therapies which may compliment your current treatment, or can be applied on their own as a treatment program. ANOVA cares to help you be the healthiest you can be. Choose from the options below, or get in touch with us if you are looking for a specific blend of infusions.


Immune Boost

Wellbeing Program

Athlete’s Program

Neurodegenerative Diseases



The infusion schemes can be tailored to 1-5 days comprising of different infusion pattern that include:

  • Curcumin infusions
  • Resveratrol infusions
  • vagus-fit infusions
  • Neuro-complex infusions
  • Galactose infusions
  • Vitamin B forte infusions
  • Concentrated Protokoll infusions
  • Sport & Muscle infusions
  • ILV infusions
  • Amino acid essential infusions
  • Amina acid immune infusions
  • TOCA forte infusions
  • CST Protokoll N infusions
  • Eumetabol SAG MONO 3000  infusions
  • MitoEnergy N 100 mL infusions
  • Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Pascorbin 7,5g (Vitamine C) infusions
  • Nephrotect infusions
  • Skin & Hair infusions
  • Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Glutathion 600 infusions
  • Vitamin C15 infusions
  • Folic acid infusions
  • Lysine-Proline infusions
  • Glycin 1000 infusions
  • DMSO M infusions
  • Liver optimizing infusion

Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, this Infusion Therapy Program has the power to significantly increase your overall heath status. Let your body health itself.



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