Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction & Impotence

Stem Cell Treatment Program for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunctions (ED) is defined as the reduction of potency and libido. It can have a variety of causes, both physical and psychological. Most frequent reasons are diabetes, smoking, obesity or high blood pressure. Additionally, the effects of aging are partly responsible for impotence and ED.

All age groups of men can suffer from weak penile erections, which renders their sexual intercourse problematic or even impossible. In the previous decade, the so called “PDE-5 inhibitors” medications were shown to be a successful group of drugs that improved the quality of life of many affected men. However, they offer limited help by temporarily overriding the symptoms of impotence and ED.

With recent advancements in stem cell research, promising treatment options have emerged. We at ANOVA, a German Stem Cell Clinic, are the first in Europe to introduce a novel stem cell-based medical treatment approach to treat impotence: The ANOVA Stem Cell Secretome.

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Targeting the Cause of ED With Stem Cell Therapy

Despite the wide range of causes of ED, the common denominator is that until now there were only ways to treat the symptoms. Typical medications to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and impotency are based on a substance group called “PDE-5 inhibitors”. Many other drugs have displayed temporal help against impotence in form of injections or creams. There is no clear answer on which of these ED treatment drugs is the best; as they have different properties and side effects. However, all of these drugs have one thing in common: they do not target the cause and therefore are not a “cure”. Their mode of action is based on temporarily overriding the symptoms of weak or no erections.

Regenerative medicine, and the use stem cells as one of their major tools in treating numerous conditions, allows us for a fundamentally different treatment approach. All causes of erectile dysfunction, except in the case of psychologically induced impotence, have some form of primary or secondary blood or nerve supply problem as their main cause. Stem cell-based regenerative therapies have the potential to promote both, angiogenesis (new growth of blood vessels and blood supply improvement) as well as neurotophy / neuroprotection (new growth and protection of nerve supply of the penis).

While there are some causes of ED which cannot be treated (i.e. psychologically induced ED), new discoveries in regenerative medicine and stem cells may be able to find the solution. However, it should be noted that a therapy success cannot be guaranteed with any type of treatment. Particularly in the case of experimental treatments such as stem cell therapy, the attending physician is obliged to perform a benefit-to-risk analysis for each patient and determine both the benefits and the risks for that particular patient. If the potential benefits outweigh the potential side effects, they may recommend experimental therapy. Find out about your therapeutic options at ANOVA - call us today.

Personalized Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at ANOVA IRM

Reduction of potency, impotence and erectile dysfunction has a wide range of possible causes. A good medical assessment and diagnostic is absolutely essential before creating a personalized treatment plan for your erectile dysfunction. Seldom will a single injection of random stem cells adequately address your erectile problems. ANOVA is in close cooperation with a fully equipped image diagnostic clinic with several MRI scanners, CT, ultrasound and state of the art blood test and doctors of many specialties. We will analyse the cause of your potency or ED problem and create a treatment plan which is optimized for your problem. Established guideline methods, medications, nutrition and life style recommendations will be included in your treatment plan – together with state of the art and safe stem cell based therapies.

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What are Stem Cells, why does a Stem Cell therapy for ED work and what is revolutionary about the ANOVA approach to treat ED and Impotence?

Stem cells are cells that possess the ability to divide into many subgroups of cells, and are responsible for many controlling functions in the body through their paracrine communication (growth factors, hormones, cytokines, anti-inflammatory factors, extracellular vesicles, exosomes and microRNA). We have a full length article describing some of the medically relevant properties of stem cells and stem cell derived treatments here.

Over 20 pre-clinical studies have been published so far on different stem cell models and different damage models in animals for ED since 2004. In 2016, two Phase I study results were published for Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) and fat derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (adMSCs). Both the human and animal studies universally showed an improvement with different interpretations of the results. A breakthough study was published by Albersen et al. in 2010 that showed that the effects of stem cell injections cannot be accounted to direct differentiation and adherence of the injected stem cells, but rather from their paracrine substances.

The ANOVA Stem Cell Secretome Therapy as the next generation of stem cell-based therapies entails high concentration of these paracrine substances. It thus offers a new approach for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence. We are the first in Europe to take full advantage of the stem cells and harness their regenerative powers via their secreted biocompounds. With the ANOVA Secretome Therapy in combination with Bone Marrow Concentrate Stem Cells we are able to provide a safe way to use stem cells as a natural, personally tailored, regenerative therapy for the different underlying pathologies of erectile dysfunction and impotence.

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