ANOVA’s Anti-Aging Infusion Therapy:
Regenerate From Within

The effects of aging show on many different levels. Your skin may be wrinkly or your hair may be dry. But aging can also affect you from inside; you may have a weaker immune system or experience fatigue regularly. While sun screen or hydration lotions may partially prevent two sources of aging, namely excessive exposure to sun light or dryness, it will neither reverse the damage that has been done previously, nor will it affect the body from the inside.

Your body is in constant need of different molecular building blocks to renew cells and tissue. When your body doesn’t have enough of them, it will not be able to recover quickly, or at all. Especially your skin, which renews its different layers regularly, is in need of these components. Taking care of your skin from the inside is what will have the biggest, yet natural effect on your aging appearance.

Infusion Therapies can help provide the body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and other molecules that can help your body heal itself. Additionally, the hydration the infusion provides can help accelerate your skin’s re-hydration, while at the same time removing toxins.

How ANOVA’s Infusion Therapy Can Help You:

ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine works together with leading pharmacists in Germany to provide you with an effective blend of different ingredients which will give you an immediate anti-aging kick. The ingredients of our Anti-Aging Infusion Therapy contain nutrients, vitamins and other bioactive compounds that will help your body to rejuvenate itself from inside out. Our drip includes components that can have a positive effect on your hair, skin, immune system and is specifically designed to give you an energy boost.

Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, the Anti-Aging Infusion Therapy can be a powerful tool for your body to activate your own cellular anti-aging mechanisms.


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