Infusion Therapy as a Treatment Addition -

Now at ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine


Infusion Therapy as a Treatment Addition - Now at ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Infusion Therapy is a way to administer medication, vitamins, nutrients and other molecules into the body, by using a sterile catheter that is inserted into a vein. It is an alternative to oral treatment, and can be the fastest way to deliver these vital compounds into your body.

ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine now offers Infusion Therapy in combination or on its own for a range of conditions, such as

Our drips are specifically developed to serve the respective condition. For instance, while our Immune Boost Infusion Therapy has the purpose to help your immune system to reach its top shape, our Athlete’s Program is designed to help regenerate tissue and muscles and improve physical performance. Additionally, we offer personalized blends for specific needs, and adjust the ingredient list according to the patient’s needs and wishes.

The infusion schemes can be tailored to 1-5 days comprising of different infusion pattern that include:

  • Curcumin infusions
  • Resveratrol infusions
  • vagus-fit infusions
  • Neuro-complex infusions
  • Galactose infusions
  • Vitamin B forte infusions
  • Concentrated Protokoll infusions
  • Sport & Muscle infusions
  • ILV infusions
  • Amino acid essential infusions
  • Amina acid immune infusions
  • TOCA forte infusions
  • CST Protokoll N infusions
  • Eumetabol SAG MONO 3000  infusions
  • MitoEnergy N 100 mL infusions
  • Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Pascorbin 7,5g (Vitamine C) infusions
  • Nephrotect infusions
  • Skin & Hair infusions
  • Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Glutathion 600 infusions
  • Vitamin C15 infusions
  • Folic acid infusions
  • Lysine-Proline infusions
  • Glycin 1000 infusions
  • DMSO M infusions
  • Liver optimizing infusion

Paired with our Stem Cell Secretome, this Infusion Therapy Program has the power to significantly increase your overall heath status. Let your body health itself.

Especially in combination with other therapies, such as Stem Cell Secretome or Bone Marrow Concentrate, Infusion Therapy has the power to make a real change – and help to heal, regenerate and enhance bodily functions on a cellular level.

ANOVA Institute for Regenerative provides IV fluids and vitamin infusions for patients from all over the world. Get in touch with us today to find out more about Infusion Therapy at ANOVA.

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