Stem Cell Treatment for Dry Mouth


Stem Cell Therapy for Enhancement of Salvia Production

ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine is partnering with experts at Copenhagen Stem to help patients with Dry Mouth Syndrome to regenerate their salivary gland function with Stem Cell Therapy.

Dry mouth syndrome is very unpleasant for patients, because it comes with many undesirable side effects. Impairments of oral functions affect swallowing, chewing and speech, making every day joyous tasks such as appreciating a nice meal impossible. Additionally, the syndrome can also cause dental and other health problems due to insufficient hygiene functionality of the mouth.

Particularly in former Head and Neck Cancer patients who have been treated with radiotherapy, the prevalence of dry month syndrome, also called xerostomia, is high. Common treatment strategies merely provide short-term release, for instance by momentarily increasing lubrication.

Stem Cell Therapy is on the rise in the field of regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal Stem Cells have been known to enhance cell-renewing processes in the body. Recent clinical studies have found that stem cells can significantly improve salivary gland function.

ANOVA has partnered with leading experts in the field from Copenhagen to provide xerostomia patients from all over the world with Stem Cell Therapy. The group around Dr. Christian Grønhøj has investigated the promising effects of stem cells in a clinical study.

ANOVA treat patients world-wide in the field of regenerative medicine. Speak to our medical experts today to discuss your treatment options at ANOVA Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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